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Internet dependancy, social media obsession and the demand for instant information about what you need, when you need it have invariably impacted on how brand's need to communicate. But while there have been, and are, seismic shifts in the behaviour of how businesses and consumers source, compare and share information and their brand experiences, many brands continue to do things how they've always done them.

The question is, how long can you continue to do so and expect to compete for the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers? 


Inbound brings a transformative dimension to PR and marketing. As opposed to 'outbound' campaigns, Inbound taps directly into Internet searches from which content marketing campaigns are created. In essence, we take keyword search intelligence and develop content marketing strategies based on the questions and solutions people are looking for. 

Click on the image to open and save VIViD's Inbound Service PDF

Click on the image to open and save VIViD's Inbound Service PDF

The inclusion of long and short-tail keywords raises the ranking of your content, in the form of blogs. On your blogs downloadable content is offered in exchange for an email address and this activates a series of follow-up content designed to help and add value to the recipient.

Paul Evans, VIViD director: "This activates an Amazon-esque process where brands can flow content relevant to the original search and content download. This is proven to assist the buyer on their journey and help them arrive at informed decisions, which in turn increases lead generation and sales."

For information on Inbound call Paul Evans on 01372 476362 email:
Click here to open and save VIViD's Inbound Service PDF