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It's January 2018 and time to unveil the first makeover of the year. After a year of modernisation, new service innovation and the appointment of new team members, VIViD proudly reveals its new brand style.  

VPR1 copy.png

But behind its glossy, high-end new style comes the substance. First, VIViD's core services are underpinned with a new Briefing process. Called The Briefing, this underpins client aims and expectations from day one and aligns these to investment capability, as director Paul Evans explains. "We've represented global, national and regional brands from start-ups to market-leaders and this can be the most challenging stage. Many client's don't know what to expect or set benchmarks to define agency value. We are committed to changing that by bench-marking activity so the client knows what to expect and what defines achievement."

"Too many times we ask the questions: what does success look like, how much coverage do you expect, what social media results are you looking for, and often they don't know the answer. This new process ensures we agree KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which serve as measurements to track our contribution.

Additionally, VIViD's Core Specialisms have been summarised in a new infographic to present the scope of expertise on offer. And, in a major new announcement, VIViD is introducing two new service provisions. First, Inbound PR and Marketing. "Inbound is prevalent in the USA. It enables us to create and launch content marketing campaigns using keyword search intelligence to enhance online visibility, increase website visits and generate sales leads. We have been on-boarding for a year with HubSpot, one of the world's leading Inbound platforms, so we're ready to start presenting this transformative new communications resource to clients."

Next comes VIViD EXPERT. Emerging brands, companies with in-house teams or brands looking to self-manage their PR, social media and digital communications can now benefit from Consultancy and/or Mentoring services. "We have mentored some local companies and brand teams to increase their knowledge and skills and this training concept has worked well," says Paul. "We wanted to extend this proposition and VIViD EXPERT gives us that platform."

To see VIViD's stunning new look, visit or call 01372 476362 to discuss what VIViD can do for you.