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Before we become a part of your team, we incorporate our standard briefing criteria into conversations with brands. This forms the basic process we use to manage your business with us. We do this because experience tells us that we need to identify your requirements, expectations and budget in order to deliver the results and value you expect. 


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This document contains:
1. Discovery and KPIs
2. Strategy and Planning
3. Implementation
4. Evaluation
5. Evolution

'THE BRIEFING' document ensures a positive client-agency relationship from day one. By understanding you, your brand, products and services, and by understanding your aims, issues, challenges and direction of travel, we tailor services and customise strategies to meet agreed KPIs and outcomes. Put simply, we identify, manage and aim to surpass your expectations. 


If you're considering an agency for the first time, moving from another agency or require expertise to support in-house functions, one thing we know. Agencies are great at telling you how brilliant they are at what they do.
We do things differently.


Every client we meet is looking for answers to questions and solutions to issues. Whilst your brand has its own personality and its goals are unique, there is common ground. Brand awareness, audience reach, engagement and sales activation are among the most requested measurements. In service terms, press and media coverage, blogger reviews, social media activation (content, community and marketing) and evaluation are among the most common expectations. The point is this. How are objectives set in relation to your brand aims and investment, and how are they going to be achieved and evaluated?


In an ideal world you'd be in every relevant media outlet and reviewed by key influencers. You'd have celebrity endorsement and your social media would be off the scale in terms of community size and relevancy, content style, engagement and advocacy. If your investment makes this possible, then great. But in the real world, most brands do not have a blank cheque. We take a real world approach.

Free editorial is at the discretion of media outlets, as it always has been, and there are new and emerging pressures on the commercial stability of many media outlets. As a result, global brands and advertisers exert more influence to leverage coverage, whilst blogger and vlogger influencers have become aggressively commercialised. Social media is heading in that direction too. 

So, we need to agree on what's achievable and realistic. We know the game and how to play it, so we design strategies that maximise effectiveness and results based on your priorities, expectations and levels of investment.


Click on the image cover to open and save our 'Core Specialisms' PDF. This brochure contains:

1.  What you should expect from VIViD
2. Core services infographic
3. Details of our core services
4. Information on additional expertise
5. Pricing statement

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Agency performance can only be judged against a clear brief. Will we achieve media coverage? YES. Will we secure blogger reviews? YES. Will we implement an effective social media and digital strategy, and deliver tangible measurements of our achievements? YES. However, the extent to which these outcomes are met comes down to understanding your requirements and expectations, and applying commercial imperatives that align our endeavours to your broader business goals.

20 years in the PR industry representing global, national and regional brands tells us that clients can be unsure of 'what looks good' and uncertain of their expectations. If you don't know how many media placements or blogger reviews define success, and if you're unsure of what metrics should define PR, digital and social media progress, we'll work with you to set KPIs, so you know what we're setting out to accomplish. These benchmarks are put place to provide a focus and measure our performance against. Simple.




"Since 2011, VIViD has managed Cirio's UK PR. They started our social media from zero and we now have a fully engaged audience of over 56,000 Facebook fans with limited PPC investment, as well as achieving up to 25 media placements per month through brand, recipe and ambassador content. As a result, our brand exposure through consumer and trade media, and advertising, increases year-on-year thanks to VIViD’s valuable support." Sandra Sangiuolo, Export Marketing Manager



"Body Fantasies is the leading women's body perfume spray in the USA. VIViD took care of our UK launch and created everything from scratch; a UK tone, style, brand identity and new European website with very limited assets from us. They successfully created and implemented our PR, social media and launch strategy to such success, we have rolled out this look to the US, Asia and other territories." Adam Krauseneck, PDC Brands  



"As a global brand based in the USA, we value VIViD's market expertise, and their relationships with industry influencers and the media. Through effective press and media relations they elevate the profile of Andis, create new collaborations and bring valuable market insight that helps shape our UK strategy." Bruce Bock, Marketing Communications Manager